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Make it special

Dinner in a Lappkåta

"Lappkåtan" Originally found up north, in Lappland. This is a real "Tardis", small from the outside but plenty of room inside for 8 people. Apart from being a special experience it is also a great place to socialise (and keep warm should the weather turn) Here you can cook and enjoy your own food*

Pre-booking only 

Supplementary charge

Wood fired


Experience a very Swedish tradition, a hot sauna followed by a dip in the lake.

The Lake often reach temperatures above 20+ C in the summer months.

(although we make no promises)!

Pre-booking only

Supplementary charge

Planning a celebration, a special occasion, birthday, wedding...?            Let Töverstavik be the perfect setting to make your day extra memorable 


Romantic by the lake

Peace and quiet

Stunning sunset

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