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Activities and sights 

(And where to get your food)

Töverstavik is situated in the middle of Sörmland, famous for its beautiful rolling landscape and many places to visit and explore


Flens Golf Club (Norrtorp) is about 10km away  You will also find Katrineholms Golf Club and Stjärnhovs Golf Club within 30min drive.

Walking & Cycling

Walking - Sörmlandsleden runs through Sörmland and is one of the biggest walks in Europe. You can pick up a trail in nearby Malmköping.

Cykling - Näckrosleden offers on of the biggest trails in Europe and stretching 700 km.  


Lake Båven has around 500 km canoe paths and 300+ small islands, where you can stop to explore or have a picnic. Canoes can be rented at nearby Skebokvarns Kanot Center for a few hours to several days

Castles and Manor Houses

Castles: Stenhammar Sparreholm, Hedenlunda,

Manor Houses: Julita,

Information below is being updated, come back shortly to find out more 

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Facilities on site 

  • Large indoor table with seating for 10 people

  • Outdoor tables and chairs

  • BBQ  (coal not provided)

  • Use of wood fired sauna by the lake (subject to prior agreement)

  • Use of Lappkåtan (subject to prior agreement)

  • Simple cooking facilities available in the main building (1 ring hot plate, tea / coffee makers, toaster, fridge / freezer) crockery and cutlery.

  • Bedding and towel

Shops and essentials nearby

Flen (aprox 10km) Several Supermarkets, Systembolag (off license) banks, doctors, dentists, vets, indoors swimming pool and outdoor lake swim with jumping tower. Norrtorps Golf Course, Stenhammar Castle and Lida Gård with a Designer, Horse and Hound shop as well as a great cafe / restaurant.

Malmköping (aprox 7km) supermarkets, banks, systembolag, doctors, dentists, library lake swim with jumping tower, camping, tennis courts, tram, train and bus museum and restaurant Plevna Gården.



Sörmlandsleden runs through and in the winter you can ski in  Malmabacken.

Sparreholm (5km) Food shop and Factory Outlet Centre, swim place,

Sparreholms Castle has a fantastic Vintage car museum and hosts various Horse events, shows and competitions throughout the year.

In the village Skebokvarn (walking distance) swim place, Canoe rental, Sunday waffles at Skebokvarnsgården.

Sights to see / Places to visit

  • Sparreholms Caste - with a great vintage car museum

  • Stenhammar Castle - stop for refreshments at Lida Gård

  • Malmköping - many charming buildings, a tram, train and bus museum (train rides available, cafe, camping and bathing,

  • Sagostigen - Rediscover your childhood. Walk through the woods and into the the fairy tales.

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